Who Is Dreyfus?

Saluting soldiers

He was accused of spying against the French Government. He was mocked and imprisoned to the one of the world’s toughest prison, the Devils Island. What did he do to deserve all these? Let’s dig deeper to who he really was.

The Man Behind The Controversy

Alfred Dreyfus was born in October 9, 1859 and died on July 12, 1935. His name was recorded in history because of the controversy and accussations against him by the French Government.

Early Years

He studied in Ecole Polytechnique. His passion to become part of the military gave him a jump start to pursue his military career. Alfred Dreyfus came from a wealthy Jewish family and could have managed his father’s business but still he did his best to be part of the military. In 1889, he was promoted to rank captain.

Dreyfus As A Normal Person

He married Eugenie Hadamard at the age of 31 years old. They had a beautiful family with two children.

Few days after their wedding, he was granted at École Supérieure de Guerre, a college for military war. He was so enthusiastic to the fact that he can see his dreams unfolding before him.

He was exonerated absolving him from all the accusations against him but he never forgotten those people who stood by him during those darkest times. When Zola died, he went to his funeral despite his wound due to an assassination attempt of  Louis Gregori, a disgruntled journalist.