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We record history so that we could learn from it and avoid the same mistakes done in the past. Dreyfus affair has thought us so much about life trials. Read on as we try to reflect on what we have learned from Dreyfus as a man, his circumstances, and how accusations like these can be done recklessly.

People Are Quick To Judge

When Lieutenant Colonel Georges Picquart discovered the letter, his first instinct was to let his bosses know. Upon hearing what he has to say, his bosses escalated the situation immediately without further investigation. They jumped to conclusion that it was a letter written by Dreyfus without graphology.

High Rank Officials Will Do Everything To Keep Their Integrity

Dreyfus was already in the prison called the Devils Island when they found the second letter. It gave a possibility that Dreyfus was not the man they were looking for. Instead of letting the public know that they might have accused the wrong man, they tried to keep it as a secret.

There Are Still People Who Think And Act According To What They Believe As Moral Right Thing To Do

During the controversy, many people participated in a parade to convict Dreyfus. They believed that Dreyfus deserved to die due to him teaming up with the Germans. But when the second letter leaked to the public, few people like Emile Zola helped depend Dreyfus against injustice. He released J’accusean open letter he wrote to the president of France. He didn’t care what would those anti Dreyfus would think about him. He acted according to his conscience and what he believed morally right thing to do.