Proof That History Repeat Itself

History is there to guide us so we don’t have to repeat the mistakes done in the past. It has full of warnings and life lessons we failed to heed. Reading history and remembering the dates is not the essence of it. You should understand everything in context and keep the valuable lessons it has to teach you.

Military Poor Decision Making

Great conquerors like Napoleon Bonaparte and Alexander the Great failed miserably when they made poor decisions. Their greatness was suddenly stripped from them when their armies can no longer fight a war. Napoleon marched to Russia despite the winter. His soldier gotten sick, most of them are incapable to fight. What really got him was the weather and his decision to pursue the war without considering his men. Adolf Hitler made the same mistakes. The ironic part is Adolf Hitler loved to read history books but didn’t exempt him from committing the mistake of the past. Despite his soldiers conditions due to the winter, he still pursued the Operation Barbarossa giving him a painful failure and the shame of losing a war.

Great Recession and Great Depression

Do you remember the great recession incident? Economist tried to analyze the situation and they found out that great recession and great depression have shown same symptoms. This is indeed a repeat in history. Both economic crashes were preceded by good economic state. There was economic prosperity. But as banks tried to take advantage of the economic condition, they tried to earn more profit by giving more loans to people. They invested to steady stocks that yields high profit but it had a sharp 45% decline which massively took out their investments.

Assassinations Of Great People

What do Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy have in common? They were both assassinated at the height of their career. what makes their comparison special is the details of their death. They were both shot on Friday and their killers were both captured in theaters. History repeats itself whenever great people gets the threat of being assassinated. What does history teach us? It teach us that no matter how great, kind, or powerful you are, you are not exempted from making enemies waiting to shoot you in the head.

The Plague

Hundred years ago there was Black Death, today we have AIDS. Black Death killed millions of people in Europe. It was caused by lack of sanitation. AIDS on the other hand is quite different it is transferred by body mucous which killed millions of people around the world. If you will compared which pandemic has the higher number killed, it would be AIDS.