A Forgotten Injustice


Going back to history gives us a glimpse on how injustice could happen to anyone. Dreyfus story which was a major scandal in 1894 teach us how government could act recklessly in ruining a person’s life. Let us go back in time and remember the injustice that happened to an innocent man accused of being a spy.

The Accusation

Alfred Dreyfus was accused of spying in 1894. He was convicted because he was accused of exchanging valuable military secrets to the German. He had a good fight but injustice won the trial. They torn the insignia from his uniform and was named to be the Judas at the time. People paraded to support his conviction shouting, “Death to Judas, death to the Jew.”

The Set Up

French intelligence, Georges Picquart accused Dreyfus using a piece of paper without graphology. Without evidence whether their accusations were true, Dreyfus was sent to North Africa Prison called Devils Island.

The Second Letter

While Dreyfus was imprisoned in the Devils Island, a second paper was discovered. There was no way that Dreyfus could have written this as he was imprisoned already. It created many questions so they consulted handwriting experts. They found that the handwriting was made by Walter Esterhazy.

Outcry For Justice

The second letter incident leaked. It created a division among people. Emile Zola wrote an open letter on how French government will fail humanity if they convict an innocent man. Another trial was done but after few hours, Dreyfus was accused guilty.