Truck Rentals – your Answer for the Big Move


If planning a move in the near future, consider a truck rental move.  These types of moves can save you money as opposed to the traditional moving company move.  Here’s why.


With a truck rental move, you basically pay for the truck rental and truck insurance, and nothing else.  But if you’re scared of driving those big truck rentals, don’t be.  Today’s truck rental vehicles come in a variety sizes.  In other words, you don’t have to rent that huge moving truck that you’ve used in the past.  Choose from a 12 footer, 16 footer or even a 24 to 26 footer.  If you’re packing up a two bedroom apartment, consider a 12-footer, while a 16-footer would be best for a three bedroom apartment.  Or if moving from a four bedroom or up, consider a 24 or 26 foot truck. 


Whichever truck size you choose, they usually come equipped with automatic transmission, anti-lock brakes, power steering and dual-faced mirrors so that you can easily see on both sides of the epm truck.  And if you really feel uncomfortable driving a truck, take one out for a test spin so that you get your confidence up. 


With a truck rental, you can even rent moving equipment with the truck rental company.  Usual equipment would include a hand-dolly and flatbed. Some truck rental companies also sell moving supplies such as boxes and bubble wrap.  


If you’re new place if far away, consider a one-way truck rental.  It might cost a bit more, but in the long run you’ll save money since you won’t have to pay for gas for the return trip nor waste your time driving back to the original rental location.  That’s especially helpful on those long, cross-country moves. 


And if you’re worried about loading and loading your belongings onto the truck, you have a couple of options.   Ask your friends or family members to pitch in on the day of the move.  If that’s not possible, consider hiring a few people through the want ads or even through the truck rental company.  It will still be a lot cheaper than choosing a full-service move. 

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